Senior Product Designer, Team Lead

WeFox insurance App




WeFox (FinanceFox)

The FinanceFox app aims to digitalize and optimize the user´s insurances by minimizing the fees and maximizing the quality of service and convenience.

When I joined this startup, my first goal was to transform the UI and UX with a modern language that communicates the product´s claims in a clearer way. So after an initial analysis of the app´s architecture and its competitors, i began with the most important screen - the main homepage. The new design focuses the main user benefist and clearly communicates the latest processes.

As the second most important screen, the user´s insurance listing was up next. A clear focus on the separate and overall spending was a true quick win. As an added bonus, the card metaphor complimented the more sleek but obvious contract status on the bottom.

Especially the detail view for each insurance held very little insights for the user. So, we provided additional information and a more on-point visual communication in an effort to keep things transparent. 

Since the app´s service was still in its early stages, manually uploading your copy of the policy was one of the most crucial functionalities of this page.

Aside from the overall visual clutter the iconography needed a clear update and refinement the most. The former bold and clumsy free icons communicated the exact opposite of the company´s intended claim of high quality service and care. The icons were replaced by clear outline icons with sharp edges and an additional accent color, wherever needed.

In addition to the icon language, many other specifics were unclear and the company had no real corporate design library or a way to communicate it more clearly to external providers.

So another important step for me was to take all the design elements that existed around the brand and align and describe them properly so that they could be published in a Corporate Design manual to share with the small design team.

After the most important screens were fixed and the design language finally got defined, my last task was to redesigning the landing page. Next to the main goal of communicating the app´s benefits, an expansion towards a web interface was a tricky challenge since it meant transferring shallow mobile logic to a desktop use-case.

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